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          Welcome and thank you very much for selecting Metro Atlanta Divers. I’m looking forward to serving you and your child in developing them into a wonderful diver. Dive with confidence, perform with excellence, is our motto here and I take tremendous pride in developing athletes into successful divers.   

          My name is Jonathan Nye and I’m the owner/head coach here at Metro Atlanta Divers. I strive to create a safe and fun learning environment for divers. My philosophy is to recognize each child’s individual talents and learning styles. My goal is to provide a positive training environment in order to help each diver maximize his or her diving potential. Diving can be challenging at times but with the proper training and motivation, your diver will build the confidence they will need to succeed in diving.

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From beginner lessons, all the way to year-round diving,

feel free to call and or email Jonathan with any questions,

404-252-2200 or

Call now for more information


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